We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate and problem-solve with our clients whether they're architects, designers pr business owners. Using our state-of-the-art workshop and specialist design team we produce high quality, custom made products.

Our Process

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1 Plan

We work with our clients to ensure that every project is delivered to a successful end. Our experience has though us that the key to achieving this is in the planning. Even the most straight forward project will benefit from simple planning activities such as site visits. For the more complicated projects we work out and plan goals, deliverables, schedules and any other factors involved and use this information throughout the course of the process to inform our decision and measure our success.

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2 Produce

We are a small outfit with a big reputation, we realised a long time ago that the only way we could maintain this reputation is to put quality at the heart of everything we do. We build all our signs in our workshop in Kilternan, Co. Dublin. When necessary we also work with a very select panel of suppliers who can provide the expert services or material that the project requires. Whilst the equipment we use includes router tables, letter locks, letter breaks, shears, mig and tig welders and commercial size paint booth we know the most important asset we have is our knowledge and experience.

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3 Install

Our initial planning will determine the best method to install the signage. Sometimes this process can take a couple of hours, sometimes a full day. By being flexible, keeping in mind the clients work practice and ensuring that they, in turn, fully understand what will be involved in the installation we can ensure that this part of the process will impact as little as possible on their day to day business

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